The Future of Fun - Why Your Night Out Will Never Be the Same

In the beginning, there were hangovers. You know the kind we’re talking about. The dry mouth, pounding headache, can’t get out of bed, I swear I’ll never drink again, order takeout but too nauseous to eat, please let it be tomorrow, hangovers. For millennia this was accepted as a fundamental part of the human experience, an inevitable consequence to a big night out. Celebrate your birthday? Hangover. Redefine what’s possible on the dance floor at your friend’s wedding? Hangover. Drink a bottle of wine by yourself for no reason? Hangover. We at Night Out decided we had had enough, so we set out to find a solution.

Welcome to the weekend

The three of us are from Silicon Valley, an area known for generating technological innovation with humble beginnings. Our backgrounds are diverse. We are an investment banker, a businessman, and a designer, but our goal was singular - to rid the world of the stranglehold that hangovers have over our lives. Rather than work out of a garage, our lab was the kitchen, and we were the test subjects. So we tested, we tinkered, we innovated, and we drank.

If only science class was this fun

The process was not painless. But we persevered, and ultimately created the Holy Grail of hangover prevention - Night Out. Night Out is a unique mixture of ingredients that is both effective and tastes incredible. We are excited to share it with the world, and will be releasing our original formula in two flavors - Berry and Chocolate. We also recognize that sometimes you need a little extra energy to get your night started, which is why we are also releasing a second formula - Night Out Boost. Night Out Boost has all of the benefits of the original, with a few extra ingredients that ensure you won’t fall asleep at the bar. We are excited by the potential Night Out and Night Out Boost have to make everyone’s morning afters feel like you slept for twelve hours on a bed of clouds with soothing nature sounds playing in the background.

Join us in putting hangovers to bed once and for all.

- Peter and the Night Out Team

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